Capture objects anytime, from anywhere

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A convenient, secure, cost-effective capturing solution, that can be easily integrated into any partner system.

Increased Productivity

No need for long travels and cumbersome processes, as the state of any object can be captured and securely saved from anywhere, anytime.

Easy integration

The application can be easily integrated into any partner system.

Always Improving

We are constantly enhancing existing features and adding new ones on regular basis, to help speed up and improve the process.

Expert Consultation

Regional expert consultants backgrounding in different areas will address all security, process, and adoption-related matters.

Single database

Visual documentation and description about current state gathered in one database, which can be stored on your own server or hosted on ours.

Access Control

An unlimited number of users, with different roles and rights, securely and easily defined.

Our Web solutions

Individual interfaces for each user role, customized and developed with high care about security, reliability and usability.


Easily administrate your cases and offers, independent from your location, platform, OS or device.


Send the links to your clients, partners, co-workers and get started in no time.

Review & Report

Adopt a reporting dashboard to suit your needs. Review, plan and act!

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InScope options provide you with ready to go solution
Centralized Database

Visual documentation and description of the current state of any object can be gathered in a single database.

Ready to use application

Fully developed Web app works cross-platform, OS and device. It can be used as a standalone solution or easily integrated into other systems. No need for installation, you can start with usage in no time!

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